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Family Journey Nights

All ages. All generations.

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Kids' Klub at Gateway is now Family Journey Nights - a new adventure in community.

Imagine a big family Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of food, a little chaos, and everyone enjoying the company. That's the vibe we hope to cultivate at Family Journey Nights. All ages. All generations. Everyone is welcome at the table. Everyone pitches in to help. Everyone enjoys the feast.

Family Journey Nights are for all generations, all ages. It is our hope that entire families can enjoy the evenings together. But you don’t have to have children to be a part of Family Journey Nights. The church community is a family! We hope to create a space where all ages, stages, and generations feel welcome. There will be opportunities for adults and older teens to pitch in as well as times for learning, fellowship, and conversation. The coffee will always be on!


Family Journey Nights start Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm. 

FJN Prep 4
FJN Kickoff 2
FJN Kickoff 3
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